Last Minute & Short Notice Film/TV Urgent Needs & Job & Casting Vacancies

Purpose is to connect professionals, to fill job positions sometimes at very short notice & in all areas related to Film/TV Production as a whole. Unlike many restrictive sites, mainly professionalism dictates what is posted. Interesting & related to the cause.. Some pages have understandably rules, but some seem Harsh to say the least. This is for connecting people, often at last minute which can save Production Time, Money, and Heart attacks..The foreseeable is an art, but the unforeseeable can sometimes be an inevitability that we can help on here..So I am open to what is asked on this page ontop of the Job/Vacancy requests..Be it a desperate props need, through to advice on where kit at this god un-earthly hour can be found. Its for ' All round common sense, from like minded Professionals '.. Please drop us a line if successful from POSTS found on here..Thanks..