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This community is committed to healthy debate and open discussion on International news & Business Events, Investment Analysis & to give additional ambience and make members more enlightened, soliciting response to enrich our knowledge through mutual exchange of views and ideas.

Anybody who would like to contribute enriching knowledge on any other topic as not listed in the forum is also welcome.

The main purpose of the group is to provide a platform where the members can share their ideas on diverse economic topics and also to disseminate important matters to other members in the groups.

Rules of the group:

1. Don't flood the wall with a bunch of threads in rapid succession.

2. Try to be respectful of other posters, there's no need to engage in flame-wars.

3. Don't delete your own threads after you get an active debate going on, that's just rude and petty.

4. Cite your sources.

5. Stick to rules of good logic and avoid personal attacks.

6. No advertising. Advertisements are considered spam and any post advertising (a) product(s) will be deleted. The posting of advertisements may result in banning you from this group without warning.

7. No proselytizing.

8. No non-English posts without accurate translation into English.

9. Do not block an admin. If it turns out you blocked an admin for the purpose of circumventing any of the rules above, you will be banned without further notice. Remember that even if you block an admin - we can still see your posts in the group.

(The group is created by Umesh Agarwal on 12 November 2012 at 18:37)


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