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Hello All Pet Owners! This Page is Created Specially for You to Find Groomers, Boarders, Pet Taxi, Trainers etc Service Providers. Please observe strict rules below to prevent your post from being deleted/ your membership being banned.

1. Service Providers May Only Post non-price related details eg. Contact number, web/fb page, services provided, location etc. This is to provide fair competition for all businesses. Any pricing details will be deleted promptly.

2. No Foul Language, Negative Posts/Reviews On Service Providers/Customers. Pls settle any o/s issues via your own communication means. If flout, immediate Ban w/o review.

3. Pet Owners feel free to post RFQ (Request for Quote) here. Pls be respectful of service provider's time & effort & give timely response. Be clear about what you want & need. Negative feedback from providers submitted to admin may cause immediate Ban & Delete.

4. Likewise, any complaints on providers pls submit private PM to admin. We don't want to break anyone's "rice bowl", but scammers or worse, abusive to animals will be blacklisted from page immediately.

5. For All Animals; Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc. Feel free to add your friends!

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