FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE - Healthy First Nations

The Seneca Nation of Indians in partnership with the The Seneca Diabetes Foundation is proud to sponsor the "FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE" project.

This is the Facebook Group Page for this transformational PROJECT. Join us as we go beyond community gardens and create "Gardening Communities". This is a project of the Seneca Diabetes Foundation with strong support from the Seneca Nation Of Indians.

FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE –Healthy First Nations

We understand the important link between human health and the environment. Our traditional Native American foods have long kept our people healthy and diabetes free.

The objective of this project is to establish a Native American horticultural program that will promote, educate and encourage Native American community members to re-introduce traditional foods back to the family table.

"It is our goal to restore the wisdom from our Elders as to the many uses of each plant and their relationship to the environment. The revival of this knowledge is as important as the cultivation of the plants”. –Ken Parker

Studies have also shown that traditional Native foods have beneficial effects for people with diabetes, such as regulating blood sugar levels and reducing the onset and effects of diabetes. It has also been found a return to traditional Native American foods along with exercise can bring about dramatic results in regards to diabetes in Native Americans. The potential long-term impact of this project will bridge the gap between our elders and youth to create awareness on how we can reconnect back with our Mother Earth.

FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE Project recognizes the strength and resilience of holistic indigenous health and healing models and the power of native foods in addressing the unbalanced state of American Indian health today. Contemporary native health problems are the results of historical injustices, imposed western diets and lifestyles and a number of other major factors.

The goal of FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE Project is to restore the health and well-being of the native community by reinstituting Native American food systems, native models of nutrition, indigenous land management and sustainable food production practices and the rich cultural knowledge of stories, songs, recipes and practices that go with traditional food ways. Through our work, we aim to restore biodiversity within our food supply and to protect and enhance the biological diversity of our lands.