Who We Are:
[email protected] is the community of Mozillians at East West University (EWU). We hold events and campaigns to raise awareness amongst the students of EWU about the mission and vision of Mozilla. We also tell people about the benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products - especially Firefox OS! We contribute to Mozilla and encourage others to do the same. We are Firefox Student Ambassadors (FSA). More info on FSA program:

What We Do:
We try to empower the students of EWU with the tools and resources needed to:
> Promote Firefox (Desktop and Android).
> Support the successful launch of Firefox OS in communities and campuses!
> Educate others about Mozilla's mission.
> Grow the Mozilla Community.

Join Us:
At this time, new participants are being accepted into the program!

To serve as a Firefox Student Ambassador you must be:
> At least eighteen years of age.
> Currently associated with a college or university (we welcome not only students but professors and administrators as well!).

For a step by step guide visit here: (Bangla)
Wiki Link:[email protected]