If you fish in the UAE then this is the group you want to be in... Shore fishing, Kayak fishing, Boat fishing or Fly fishing whatever interests you... You can find it here...

Fish have fun, learn and share your knowledge cause that's what it's all about...

Fish are instinct driven creatures. While we give them attributes such as smart or cunning, the fact is that the fish’s entire existence is dominated by 3 simple instincts: 1) Can it eat me? 2) Can I mate with it? 3) Can I eat it?

You will never find a fish pondering the socio-economic impact of Facebook on the Inuit population. They are not smart; they just may seem “moody”.

At times, you will go out and catch one fish on every drop. Other times, it will be nothing more than a nice boat outing. That’s why they call it “fishing” and not “catching”.

More importantly, have fun and create and share memories. Practice catch and release whenever possible. If you must keep a fish, try to make it a smaller one so that that the brood stock is not jeopardized. And don’t forget to introduce some young ones to this great sport.

Keep the line tight !!!


(So much fish so little time)