Fish World Community

Official Fish World Game Community group.
>>RULES: Click *SEE MORE*. Chat about Fish World, make friends with other Fish World enthusiasts, and have fun!

Community Manager: Ashlee Koi
Moderators: Angela Wilens, Trish Gauvreau, Rebecca Larrison, Patty McCarty, Jan Drabek

1. One account per person.
2. Minimum membership age: 13
3. Posts must be respectful or they will be deleted (e.g., personal attacks, gossip, or hostility toward another player or other groups).
4. No profanity (including replacing letters/acronyms). No content that is sexually explicit, hateful or depicts/promotes illegal activity.
5. Non-English posts must include English translation.
6. Keep posts related to Fish World.
7. Constructive discussion/criticism welcome. Overly negative posts that serve only to incite arguments are not helpful and are deleted. (Includes Auction House posts meant to incite negativity toward sellers. There are players behind those listings. Feelings get hurt.)
8. Posts debating company policy, petitions or attempting boycotts of Fish World/BVG are not allowed. Contact us instead w/concerns
9. Moderators/admins must not be blocked.
10. Don’t discuss or post copies of private communications ie. support tickets, emails, private messages
11. No advertising/soliciting.
12. Only alter documents with original poster’s permission.
13. No wishing (asking) for specific items. Use the Bomb thread found in Files section ( or trade for item. To ensure trade posts aren’t mistaken for wishes, use terms such as “willing/wanting to trade” in posts or link to a trade tank.
14. No spamming/trollling.
15. Please wait 4 hrs before bumping posts. Using small talk to keep post bumped is considered unnecessary bumping.
16. Trades/games/giveaways etc., are not monitored or moderated. Hosting & participating are at your own risk. See Trade document ( for tips on protecting yourself in trades.
17. Keep games/giveaways clear and inclusive to all group members. “Friends Only” posts belong on your personal wall. You can: a) accept FR for future games, b) friend the winner, c) drop prizes via mutual friend, d) accept FR during game, then unfriend when complete.
18. No arguing about these rules or the moderation of the group or your posts. Contact a mod privately instead.

**While these rules cover most common situations, we can’t anticipate everything. We will use our discretion in keeping a positive experience for members which may include issuing warnings, requesting edits or removing content without notice. Repeated violations or blatant disregard of rules and/or previous warnings may result in removal from group. These rules may be revised at any time. Please review occasionally to make note of any changes. For any questions or concerns about these rules or any actions taken by moderators, please contact Ashlee Koi (Community Manager) via support ticket.**