Fitness marketing made simple

Welcome aboard!

This is a private group setup, run and administrated by Dax Moy to help health and fitness business operators to get rid of the overwhelm, doubt and fear that plagues them and their businesses and get back to the simple, sound and strategic aspects that make fitness marketing super simple.

The group is essentially a 'safe haven' for those who want to experience freedom in their businesses so there are a few rules about how to use the tribe.

#1 Our Tribe is a place where it's both ok and REQUIRED

: post your current struggles and successes with a view to asking for help or sharing what work with others
: asking for feedback on ideas you may have for building your biz
: network, connect and support
: brag a little :)

Our Tribe is NOT a place for you to come to

: bitch about others
: moan or groan without seeking a solution
: attack or 'flame' other people
: sell your stuff, market to fitpros and grow your list (unless with express permission from Dax)

If you fail to follow these rules you will be removed from the group.

#2 Things we wanna hear a LOT about...

: Your good news! We wanna celebrate with you!
: Your offerings to your clients! We wanna know what you're up to!
: Your honest critiques of your 'failures'! We wanna learn from you!

In the spirit of the Tribe, in return for membership here I simply ask that you...

: Actively participate in the group! Please comment and support each other!
: Share great resources, tips, or tools (and tell us what makes them great)
: Make the tribe better by your presence

#3 If you need help, if you spot anything that shouldn't be in the tribe then PM me