Flip Me the Peace Sign

Welcome to all our new members and our long term peace lovers as well!
Welcome back to the Garden. An oasis for peace minded individuals to share ideas and emotions in a loving and compassionate enviornment. Take your shoes off, let your hair down, and feel free! We are all brothers and sisters here. I think it is so groovy now that people can finally get together in love and mutual respect! This your page. Let your love light shine!

I salute you with the universal symbol of Love and Brotherhood, made popular in the Sixties, and the symbol which defined a generation.

Let's GET BACK to using the peace sign to signal all those we encounter in our daily lives.
The Peace Train is at the station. Seats available!

To take part ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:
1 Join this group.
2 Click on "Invite People to Join" from the menu on the right.
3 Select a special friend (one more individual could increase awareness by hundreds or thousands of people).
4 Click on "Send invitation."

It’s that simple.

Join this group. Share the Love!

Patrick Colucci - Creator of this page.

Together we Can change the world!!!!!