Flower Mound Cares

Flower Mound residents interested in local issues including, but not limited to, the preservation and beautification of the town of Flower Mound, local business and service recommendations, local charities, and local politics. This group is intended for use by Flower Mound residents. If you don't live in Flower Mound, you will not be added to the group.

Our goal is to create a sense of community and promote conversation about key issues that are important to members.

FMC Administrators are not responsible for insensitive, irresponsible or malicious comments posted by other group members, nor are they on this page to babysit, police, mediate, curate content or remove members that you don't agree with or don't like.

Important Notice:
1. Participants are responsible for what they post and must be careful not to breach any law, confidentiality, or copyright.
2. Flower Mound Cares is not the official Facebook page for the Town of Flower Mound or affiliated with the Flower Mound Defense Fund, FM Cares Petition Association, @FloMoCares, or flowermoundcares.com
3. Flower Mound Cares is not a Political Action Committee.
4. Advertisements for products, businesses or events are prohibited unless the organization is purely a non-profit or charitable organization. Users posting ads will be removed from the group. New Flower Mound based businesses are allowed a single one-time introductory post with prior permission.
For profit business running a charitable promotion must ask for permission before posting. No coupon postings are allowed. Businesses can post giveaway postings if the value of the giveaway is at least $200 in value and the contest rules are clearly stated and the contest does not violate any laws.
5. Please post buy/sell/trade/real-estate ads on other groups designated for that purpose.
6. "Poaching posts" by other group admins designed to do nothing but steal users from this group are prohibited. The only exception to this rule is a group that promotes activity that is specifically prohibited on this site. I.e. a post promoting a local buy/sell group is allowed. If there is any doubt, please ask.
7. No profanity
8. Flower Mound and immediate surrounding community postings only please. No national or state level debate. Local political issue discussions are encouraged.
9. No trolling, bullying, or direct personal attacks.
10. Polls are reserved for admins only.
11. Users violating these rules with either be warned, have posts removed, be suspended from the group, or ban depending upon the severity.
12. Direct personal threats to the admin(s) of this group will result in an immediate ban and/or a report to the local authorities.
13. Please report abusive behavior directly to FB using this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/263149623790594/
14. Congrats! If you made it this far, you don't have a short attention span.

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