WELCOME TO FLOWER SHOP WORLD 3.0 (created since 2014)
http://tinyurl.com/FSW-GROUP-DIRECTORY - Please use this link to get around our group. ;)

Hi Friends and new members! We are very glad to have you with us. Please do take a moment to read the following guidelines of our group:

1) Please INFORM or ASK permission from your friends first BEFORE adding them in our group.

2) Please USE our new photo album in photo tab (and not the group's wall) to post for your flowers links or help links to keep things neat and organized.

3) Please DON'T POST FSW files or pictures on other groups without permission from FSW admins.

4) Please DON'T EDIT any of the documents found in this group. (Use the comment box if you want to change anything on it or send a PM to the FSW admins).

5) Please DON'T POST advertisements unrelated to FlowerShop Fun app, inappropriate pictures, rude, racist, curses and hateful comments on the group's wall. (We will DELETE it without notice).

NOTE: Please be advised that we will give one reprimand only via PM. If a member/s have deliberately disregarded some of these simple rules, revocation of club membership through deletion will occur due to non-compliance. Please PM us admins if you have any complaints, suggestions or clarifications.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Flowering!