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♥ 身为卖家的你可以:
2. 争取信用评价以得到版主的每月卖家推介
3. 争取免费的广告

a) 赞以下的专页 >> https://www.facebook.com/LuckCollection
b) 把至少50位朋友加入我们的家庭

♥ 身为买家的你可以:
2. 发布投诉或被欺诈的经验
3. 提供欺诈卖家的资料
4. 分享购物经验,好评等以推介有信用和服务好的卖家
5. 得到最新的网购消息和康头


This is a safe and free online trading market. We want to promotes and advocate a healthy online trading atmosphere by putting an end to all the online fraud. We will carry out a credit evaluation system by collecting praise and rating of the buyers from our group on the online trading market. We will publish monthly recommendation after evaluation made and free advertising opportunities will be given to the recommended seller. By the meantime, the buyers also can provide information on the fraudulent seller as well as discussion in our group.
*We are not responsible for any online fraud but only to provide information for buyers in order to make consideration before doing online shopping.

♥ As a seller, you can:
1. A FREE space to promote and to sell your products with no condition for the publicity activities.
2. Fight for a higher credit evaluation to get monthly recommendation from us.
3. Free advertising.

**Seller MUST fulfill the conditions below if you want to make advertising in our group:
a) Like the following page
b) Add at least 50 friends into our group

♥ As a buyer, you can:
1. Have 100% freedom of speech.
2. Publish complaints and the experience of online fraud.
3. Provide information about the fraud seller.
4. Share about the online shopping experience and the seller which has high credit evaluation and good services.
5. Get the latest news and information about online shopping.

Wish all of you have a pleasant shopping♥