FST-Food Science and Technology

This group is a special community for all Food Scientists and Food Technologists specially the students and professionals of Food Science and Technology (FST) working in different fields related to FOOD.

The one most important aim is to get together all STUDENTS and PROFESSIONALS. .

If u want to know more u have to join us.

Proud to be FSTians. .


Before joining, We encourage you to actually read and understand the following rules:

Avoid Irrelevant posting:

This includes but is not limited to:

♠ No affiliate links or advertising i.e Links other then FOOD..
♠ No promotion of personal websites
♠ Noise chatter
♠ Flame, argument beyond the topic of current ♠ conversation
♠ Good old spam
♠ Bad manners

Relevant or not, personal insults, bad wording, uncivil communication, hate speech are unwelcome.

We reserve the right to remove any posts that are not directly relevant to FOOD...

If somebody gets warned but ignores those warnings, or if their posts are removed due to the previous clause,we can restrict their access to the Group. Please Don't get it wrong.

to FST-Food Science and Technology.

Samar Tabassum Naqvi