Foodies in Hanoi

1) We are foodies and we love to learn, try and share things about food, especially in Hanoi. If you are also one of us, please help spread the words to promote the page and share your food experience. Hanoi cuisine is growing in both quality and quantity. We'll all eat better and become happier thanks to our joint efforts.
2) We would like to make this page a healthy community for food lovers in Hanoi. So we call for your constructive thoughts and info.
If they are food-related, i.e. the taste, price, atmosphere, customer service of shops and restaurants, please share. But food-related negative comments and feedback, without ANY VALUABLE INFORMATION, will not be accepted. We also do not encourage gossiping far off our main subject and maliciousness towards any establishment. At the end of an exhausting day, you would sit down and be happy reading ideas, sharing and posts here.
3) Food advertisers are welcome as a part of this page, but let's advertise wisely if you don't want to be seen as spammers. So you can have maximum 2 posts a day, otherwise we have to delete yours.
Thanks and enjoy your food, guys