Real Madrid v/s Barcelona Banter Group

We may be Rivals but not enemies ;)

1. Mocking the dead, swearing, use of abusive language, swearing in code and * and racism is strictly forbidden on this group be it by a fan or an Admin

2. Any person including words meant to deform or bringing change to the name of either Barcelona or Real Madrid will be warned

3. Any posts containing explicit pictures/words won't be acceptable and may result in severe warning

4. Blocking and reporting users will also not be tolerated. Spammers will be removed from the group without prior notice

5. Any fan or any Admin can express his or her own opinion/point of view/concern freely on any subject matter related to the group

6 Any criticism and/or suggestion from your part is totally acceptable to us (the Admins)

7. Any member refusing to abide to or not respecting the rules and regulations of the page will be given a warning. If upon 3 warnings, he/she persists in his/her wrongdoing and refuse to abide to the rules, he/she will be banned from the group, generally for a minimum of 3 days. However, we expect you not to force us to go to the extent of banning someone from the page as this act is not something which bring pleasure to us the Admins

8. No post targeting another member of the group is allowed except for admins to notify members that are warned. Any member who will pinpoint another member or tag a member in a post will be warned. ( This apply only to post not comment)

9. If you want to banter or to troll, banter/troll the team, banter/troll the player and not his FAMILY. Family is a sacred word that need your respect.

N.B: Other rules can be introduced at any moment depending on the situation or the case.