This is a football crazy maniacs zone and warm invitation to every footy fans.Try the level best to support your team and be loyal without disgracing any other clubs.No improper tagging of any club name,avoid racism and all kinds of familial nd personal slangs nd abuses.No specific page links or non football threads to be posted kindly avoid it.Defend Your club and dont play nasty!!!..foster the beautiful game of "football"...cheers!!....:)....Viva Visca football!!....Aclamaciones...


1. We are Family so dont dare to break that.
2. No personal taunts, abuses, slangs or mocking unless its accepted from both parties.
3. Say No to Racism or Familial abuses... I mean BIG NO.No warnings you are straight away erased even without warning.
4. Views differ but you dint like comment or post just ignore.No misunderstanding.
5. Its Chelsea forum Non Chelsea Fans are not welcomed here.
6. Questioning admn without reason or fact is a crime.
7. No sharing of Pages, Adds or Goup links here.One warning will be given rest assured.
8. No Nude or Death or Violent pictures shall be posted here.
8. Equal gender acclaimation Men or Women both shall be respected here..Kindly be sensbile and polite twords Girls or Ladies (Mandatory).
9.Rules are Rules whether admn or member..Its mandatory to follow it.
10.Kindly read the rules above and follow it.........#PEACE xD