Football Revolution

About Us:
• We are a group of members, equally judged, treated and respected.
• We discuss all kind of foottball issues, topics, games, leagues and national teams worldwide
• We share all our experiences, information and time to provide the best possible atmosphere.

Our Objective:
• Our first and only objective is to have a group where Quality always beats quantity.

What is Forbidden:
• No religion topics shall be discussed on this group.
• No Politics topics shall be discussed on this group.
• Disrespect members whether from your own country or another.
• Discussing ideas like “this coach stole money, or that manager stole it “.
Such minor details are our last concern.

Way of Working:

• As we created this group based on a simple equation, Quality over quantity, we believe we won’t need to delete posts, ban members or even interfere to cool things out between two or more members. WE TRUST YOU ON THIS GROUP.

• Any admin can delete any comment whenever he believes it’s inappropriate, a snapshot of the comment will be taken.
• We expect all members to treat the group, the way we are hoping to be treated, so any member not respecting the basics of this group will be permanently banned.

football revolution is not just a group of members, this is a group of football lovers, an added value to foottball community.