Forget-Me-Not (Dogs In Rescue)

Firstly Welcome to the group, Many Dogs in Rescue are ' overlooked' for one reason or another, maybe they are timid , too bouncy, too barky , too old or have special needs but another reason could be the photographs that sometimes are put up of the dogs themselves, Dogs looking sad in their kennels or standing with their head down and ears back looking scared, the aim of this group is to help rescues rehome their 'overlooked' dogs some of which have been in kennels for years, Mike is a photographer and Sharon belongs to a lot of rescue and rehoming groups here on Facebook, we will travel to rescues and take photographs for them of their 'overlooked' dogs these photos will not be taken when the dogs are in their kennel the aim is for the dogs to be out in a run or field if possible, enjoying themselves and loving life, we are based in Bewdley, Worcestershire but at the moment because of costs we can only deal with rescues within a 75 mile radius but in the future hope to expand this.
Now the boring bit the rules, the group is only for rescue dogs who have been in rescue for a while so please no posts about lost or found dogs or dogs in homes needing rescue space etc there are lots of groups on here who do a great job with helping these, any member is free to post comments but at the moment posts are admin approved , we encourage sharing of photos, after all that is the main aim of the group, and please no swearing or running other members down, we all know it goes on but we will not tolerate in here, after all we are all here for the same reason.
Any rescue who would like us to help them please get in touch.