Advertise items for sale,give them away,or post a wanted item in Congleton and surrounding areas. If you wish to advertise a charity event ask admin first, all other event posters are not permitted.
Please note all items purchased on this site is at the buyers risk. I take no responsibility for this.
If you are unsure about an item listed here please report to me or an administrator and the item will be removed as necessary. We need information on payday loans as these people block admin, so if you see it posted please email admin and we will do our best to remove the post. When you post, please put ALL info on the post, i.e sizes, prices and location, that way it's easier for all involved. Post on the WHOLE album if you make one, not on each individual photo as this clutters up the page and makes it look like you have more than 5 items, these will consequently be removed.
Can people also NOT post unwanted animals or animals for sale, this causes some distress to others, if you have an animal to advertise there are specific sites for this. Any adverts for animals will be removed along with the member.
Please DO NOT under any circumstance post your address on the wall or item for sale, please private mail the person who is selling the item.
Please REMOVE any sold items, it's just as quick to delete it as it is to post SOLD on the item. If you need to change the price on your item, please delete the old post before doing so, this saves us having several pictures of the same thing.
If you have any more than FIVE items can you please make an album with your items in it, this is so we don't have lots of posts from the same person making everyone elses items drop down to the bottom of the page, any more than the five items will be deleted.
This page is NOT for business ad's, house lettings,Or ads for job lots of items that are sold for profit. Any businesses, including holiday sales i.e caravan holidays, flights, homemade craft items i.e chocolate explosions, cards or jewellery or sellers deemed to be running a business, will have their posts removed without warning. Adverts for other selling sites will be removed. Posts for fake goods are NOT permitted, if these posts are seen they will be removed without warning and the member could be removed. NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS, WEAPONS OR ALCOHOL
Could members only bump or post their item ONCE a day, DO NOT bump the items the day you post them, this is so that everyone's items get a fair chance to be seen. Usually this site operates on a first come first served basis, please be aware of this. Also we have been receiving a high level of complaints off people regarding no shows, people not being in when a buyer has gone to collect, people agreeing to sell an item to someone, then selling it to someone else and sellers agreeing a price then wanting more money. This is NOT fair and if we receive 2 complaints about the same person they will be removed from the group without warning