For Sale in Sanford, ME

FOR SALE IN SANFORD, ME is an online yard sale for local, non-commerical sales only.
Businesses should use the Marketplace Sanford Page: (

**This is a drama-free zone!**

#1. NO CHILDREN/BABY/MATERNITY ITEMS - please go to Trucks & Tiaras - exclusive page for that - link:

#2. Please include a PRICE in your listing.

#3. You should be willing to meet in Sanford/Springvale. If you can't, please mention it in your listing when you post your items. (Example: "Pick up in ACTON - green sofa, good condition." )

#4. BUMP - 1 time every 48-hours. Posters need to bump their own posts.

#5. Delete sold items or type "SOLD" in the comments.

#6. DO NOT comment on items you're not buying unless you have something positive to share. Harassing sellers is a one-way ticket off this page!


In case you're wondering....

Yes, animals (pets, livestock, etc.) are allowed on this page but the laws have to be followed.

---GUNS--- NO
Facebook is changing their policy for gun sales. You can no longer sell guns on this page (or on any page of Facebook) without a background check. Because we cannot confirm or monitor that, we are asking that you do not list guns here.

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