Fort Campbell Business and Services Ads

Promote your business here and let's people find our businesses and services all together!

In a group like this, I found a lot of customers as well as a lot of services or things needed during our last assignment at other duty station. Since I moved to Fort Campbell I've been searching for a group that doesn't care about how many times I post my ads or that my advertising doesn't get lost through all the clothing, furniture or other things that are usually on sale at yard sales or flea market sites (which I respect and use very often to buy things at great prices!).

In this group you can post your ads at anytime and all the times needed. This way, when someone will look for a particular business or service, they'll just have to come here and find it. Either is a home-based business or a front store, if you bake, make tutu's, bows, contouring wraps, weight management, sell your beach body training program, a custom made furniture, promote events, crochet, sewing or anything you do or sell for a living at Fort Campbell, KY, Clarksville, TN or surrounding areas, feel free to promote it here! Remember to share this group with your friends and in other pages because our ads and promotions will also need customers.

Please, I kindly ask everyone to read the "Rules for Posting" document in the Files Area of this group before posting so we all can receive the best benefit of this group.

Once again, welcome to the Fort Campbell Business and Services Ads Group; I wish you all SUCCESS in your businesses.

Thank you,

Marie Garcia