Francisco de Tavira

Francisco de Tavira starts his career in 2001 after three active years into the mexican electronic scene. In the beginning he was part of events where he listened to grand part of the international DJ’s, Producers and Musicians who are now his indubitable influence; then he was promoter generating new concepts with great impact into the same scene and finally he takes the control as a professional DJ working full time in search of the rhythms that really satisfy him, creating very original Mixes with his personal touch, a continiously harmonic flow and a peculiar kind of energy.

At the same time he didn’t take off his activity experimenting into the production area and perfectioning his own technique that, with the pass of the years, is going more and more contagious and elegant in thanks to his excellent capacity to listen and identify the right sound, to his increasing experiences face to face with the dancefloor and to his continiously activity into the Studio; facts that are lettin’ himself to get involved with an increasing number of styles and genres through his work.

He has performed in a considerable number of events around almost all the Mexican Republic with a great response from the crowd and alongside recognised Mexican & International Talents such as Frank Beckers, DJ Nukem and Sebastian Krueger in the beginning and as Dubfire and Carlo Lio in one of his most recent shows just to name a few. He also worked as resident DJ in the Resto-Lounge Bar OM at Playa del Carmen in the summer of 2005 being from this time headliner at all the national events where he performs.

Today his ability in the mixing business has been sharpened and fostered in part thanks to his personal work but also thanks to his experience in dancefloors which make him capable of adapting to almost any rhythmic speed depending on the needs of the party in which he finds himself mixing. He usually mixes between 124 and 130 bpm and the genres in which he is actually more focused are Tech-House, Minimal & Progressive allways preserving a Techno structure.

Into his most recent goals he has positioned his well known DJ Sessions at important Podcasts from Europe such as "Rumour" from Italy, "Something Global" from UK, "Mas del Techno" from Spain, "Vinylique" and "Pink City Beats" from France making him on this last one part of their actual Roster in thanks to his very cute specially featured Mixes focused into the exploration of the Underground House Music movement of today and it's crescent diversity of styles and artistic tendencies.

His Studio experimentation is still in advance toward Sound Production, area in which he is now tankin’ solid strides so wait for his own tracks and don’t miss the opportunity to hear him!


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