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HOW TO PREPARE FOR CERTIFICATION : Dear Friends, SAP Certification is something which everyone like to write and lot if time I have seen people are really doubt themselves whether they can clear it or not even some experienced people. here is my small TIP for all of you.
Most of the people write Associate level exam which is actually intended for Freshers.
So, the exam level is also at fresher only which is C_TADM51_70 for BASIS 1. First thing the exam is OBJECTIVE TYPE with 80 QUESTIONS, which you need to answer in 3 HOURS.. which all of you might be knowing.
2. In past most of you must have prepared for entrace exams which envolves objective question. here also the preparation need to be done in same fashion.
3. Most of the questions are highly theoratical and are oneliners.
4. So. While reading the book maintain a notebook just like our school days and prepare your own notes. prefered in QA format limited to one or two liners questions.
5. As far as certification is concerned you may give less importance to Hands on as related questions are very less (but this will be graveward mistake as far as job hunting is concerned).
6. Keep revising the question from each subject as many times (I suggest minimum 5 times) from your notes before taking the exam.
7. You need not hunt for any dump this will be your dump . Little time consuming but its simple ? don't you think so Also, stop worrying about whether you will pass or not. due to any reason if you fail its matter of only 500 USD or 40,000 INR which is less than cost of iPhone . But the type of recognition you get is entirely different and now a days lot of companies has made certificaiton mandatory or prefering certified candidates so go for it. If there is any volunteer then post your learning and question here also. I see that Only I am posting here . Message me if you have questions.