FREE books R Us

*** Free books R Us -- GROUP RULES ***

*** First 2 words of your post -- Free book
*** Next, tell when the book is free.
*** Then the link to where people can get the book. And we prefer links that go direct to the buy site rather than to a blog.
*** BEFORE YOU CLICK BUY on any link, please double-check and make sure that the book is still free.
-- contests,
-- giveaways of books,
-- the website,
-- books that are free to Amazon prime members,
-- books that are free with subscribing to a newsletter,
*** Repeat violators risk being ejected from the group.
*** Spammers will be permanently banned from the group.
*** Here is a group where you can share promo posts:
*** You are more than welcome to request books you are looking for, but your best bet would be a search on Amazon or an internet search.
*** If you have a book listed free for review on the story cartel website, those posts are allowed.
*** Any questions, ask an admin.