Freedom Flowers (Freedom Programme) Domestic Violence awareness UK)

We are a support group RUN BY SURVIVORS. Domestic Abuse has effected many women including myself. I am a a survivor and my personal en-devour is to enable women by giving them the tools in there recovery and by answering the question WHY ME? I will This site is for women who have suffered or are currently suffering from domestic abuse. We all have a 'story' also to tell but believe there are women out there needing to tell their own and know they have been listened too. We are here to support one another through difficult times. Domestic Abuse is on the rise and more and more women turn to social networking as a way to reach out and find other women who have similar experiences. We support any women regardless of being in or out of the abusive situation.

Pat Craven was a Probation Officer Who ran courses for male 'perpetrators’ of violence against women and children. For two years She sat among groups of men who had injured, raped or killed their victims. She realized that abusive men use a range of tactics to control women.

she listened to everything they said and became determined to impart this information to the people who had no understanding of such violence. This included other ‘professionals’ and the women and girls whose lives could be changed or even saved if they were just given this vital information. she also realized that abusive men do not understand their own behavior. They do not realise that they decide to use violence when they realise that their other tactics are failing.

Pat has wrote several books which include-Living with the Dominator and Freedom Flowers. This book has personal accounts about the effects of domestic abuse on children. It is composed of first-hand accounts from these children and their mothers. Some of the children write as adults from memory and some are male. The youngest contributor is eight years old. Their stories describe not only the abuse from the perpetrators but the dreadful collusion from the so called professionals who should have been protecting the victims instead of worsening the effects of the abuse.

My reasons for starting this group ... My passion is to help women and their children. i am a mother of 4 and a nannie to 1. I have been in an abusive relationship for 21years and am now 3yrs free. in the time I have been free i have attended the freedom program as a victim gone to college got my maths and English. Attended college and studied a higher education courses. I am now year 2 in Uclan have trained to facilitate the freedom programme and run this in the University.

I have turned the negatives on there head and said no more xxx

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