Free Items (Mamas Helping Mamas PDX/SWW)

Free Items (Mamas Helping Mamas PDX/SWW) is an extension of Mamas Helping Mamas PDX/SWW. There, we focus on free service, mama to mama. Here we focus on free items, mama to mama. You must be a member of the main service group in order to be a member here.

Please note:

- We are a gifting circle, where you can offer, request, and thank for free items, mama to mama. Everything here is free. This is not a buy/sell/trade group.

- We are not a needs based group nor an emergency organization. If you are in an emergency situation or "desperate," please contact for help.

- We are only open to mamas with children living at home, with real profile names (FB rule) and picture, local to the PDX/SWW area. That's Portland, Oregon and South West Washington.

- We have clear guidelines and rules laid out that you must play by and comment "agreed" to upon joining this group in order to remain a member. You can locate these rules in the pinned post.

**** With all things internet, use discretion and intuition when choosing to connect with another mama. Be respectful of others time. And please make your connection with time to meet, location, and contact info via message rather than on the main page. By being admitted to this group, you are accepting responsibility and liability for your exchanges with other moms. The admins nor this group are liable for your experiences or results.***

That being said, this is a wonderful community of positive and caring mamas. Thanks for your interest in joining. Welcome!