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A home by Any Other Name
We all think we know what a home office is. So I’ll start by saying what it isn’t. It is not you working at a laptop sitting on your kitchen table with a few dictionaries piled on the chair next to you. It is not you out on the sundeck, notepad and material surrounding your chaise longue. It is not the dining room table, nor the living room or den doubling as a work space. A home office is a space in your home reserved exclusively for your business.

The primary requirement for a home office is that you are running a business from within it. In other words, if you are an employee of one company working from home, you are not entitled to a Business Use of Home deduction on your income taxes (there may be, however, other deductions for you, such as Unreimbursed Business Expenses; consult a tax professional for details). Your business has to be open and available to all who want it, and you have to conduct at least some of your business from your home office.

To summarize, a home office is a necessity for any free-lance translator. Your home office should be a quiet place, with no distractions other than those necessary for business, such as a phone and fax machine.