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This is a group for posting other businesses, but please No piggy backing off of other people's posts. No Porn links or you will be kicked out and or banned also No loan businesses or asking for money.

Welcome, great to see you here. Feel free to post your business link here in the group. Please take a moment to review our business of choice below.

Take a look and see why I have chosen Quanta as the company to align with!!

Quanta intends on setting an example. Value, understanding, building people up, not tearing them down. Life has too much stress already for people.

As they craft this journey together,there will be those that lash out, there will be others that see a way to make an income by giving and NOT by taking. Yes it is possible to do things right for the right reasons. We are privileged to be aligned with them and wish you to take this journey with us!