Free Real Estate Wholesaling Training for Newbies


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No MLM's, blatant self-promotion or anything not in alignment with the group's purpose. Self-serving product/services posts will be removed IMMEDIATELY!

If you believe your product or service will sincerely benefit the members of this group, please extend Lo & I the courtesy of ASKING before posting.

So if that's your purpose for JOINING & POSTING, please remove yourself from the group before we have to - it won't be tolerated.

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Please respect the guidelines.

Lo & Iman


What is Free Real Esate Wholesaling Training for Newbies about:

As we know, wholesaling is one of the easiest ways to buy and sell real estate with no cash and no credit.

We are here to help and educate you on how you too can make thousands of dollars as a wholesaler. Through posts, videos, webinars, etc., get the hottest and latest tips to help your business!

NOTE: Please be sure to check under the FILES tab for JV agreements, Assignment contracts, postcards, yellow letters, flyers, business cards and real estate-related professional resources/services.

This is also a platform to share your experiences that will help nurture, inspire, and educate our community of creative and aggressive real estate entrepreneurs.

The vision for this group was born out of a sincere desire to assist those that are new and even not so new, to accomplish the above.

Lo & I are committed to delivering tremendous value to all who are members of this group.

Happy Wholesaling!