Free Stuff, Competitions & Coupons UK - Like it if you love it!

Welcome to Free Stuff, Competitions & Coupons UK. This group does exactly what it says on the tin. If we see a competition or offer that we like, such as a holiday in Tokyo for two, or a 50% flash sale, then we share it with each other. If you think it's good, then use it and "Like" it on Facebook to share it with your friends... and so on..

Please feel free to post items you find out there and also invite your friends to join - the more the merrier!

We're very happy to see affiliate style links as long as the posts are for genuinely good offers and discount codes, however please note that we have a zero tolerance policy on spammy posts such as cheap sunglasses and trainers from eastern block websites... anyone posting these links will be removed from the group... sorry to be so strict, but we've had a lot of that recently ;-)

Rachel, The Admin xx