Freethinkers Initiative Kenya (FIKA)

Freethinking is not prejudice or bigotry. Freethinking is looking at new ideas and new information, being willing to re-evaluate your stance without letting your bias influence your conclusions. Freethinking is being willing to accept new information that might invalidate your earlier conclusions even when those ideas have stood the test of time and even when they may be diametrically opposed to what have been your guiding principles over the years.

Our perception of "truth" will change as new information is acquired. Our perception of value will adjust as we learn more. Our perception of reality will reflect our ability to acquire and retain new information. One who imagines that one has learned all there is to learn can rest be assured that they have ceased to think, and they have lost the privilege to call themselves Freethinkers.

Let us question, let us attempt to answer, and let us debate with rationality and respect for the persons who choose to engage us in debate. Nothing is sacrosanct, nothing cannot be questioned, nothing is only the beginning of understanding.