Atheist Mingle India v2.0

Hola Heathens!

As is said, expectations are the root of sorrow. Kindly do not expect democracy in this group or for your views to be considered in its functioning and you shall be happy. Suggestions will be taken from time to time but it is completely upto the admins, no questions asked. "Final and binding" as they say it. Please try and make admins irrelevant as I don't even want to admin. It is only for y'all. While a truly anarchist group would be ideal, we need to survive and be viable. In that spirit, some basic "rules"/recommendations, new members please read:

1. We would love to get to know you, an introduction post is highly recommended.
2. Even though the name contains "India", immigrants are allowed. Posts/comments to be made only in English or a suitable translation provided if requested.
3. I will not create an exhaustive list here, of things that are not allowed and will lead to a ban. Because it then gives both you and me a lot of freedom.
4. Members' rights to privacy on what is posted here in this group is respected. Offenders will be lynched and if required, banned.
5. If something annoys you, please do not report it to Facebook. Let us on it and we shall deal with it if need be.
6. Having said that, we do follow the FB Community Standards as there is no leeway. Adherence is required for survival of the group.
7. No nudity and/or people under 18.
8. If you have the cheek to make any racist, homophobic or discriminatory comments or just be an asshole in general, don't come crying to us when you're bombarded by other members. We don't want to curb anyone's freedom of expression, you aren't school kids. Admins shall interfere when they feel like or when FB rules are violated.
8. Creeps will be banned. Members requested to report creepy behaviour uninhibitedly with proof through any means comfortable.
9. Do not add people without their consent.
10. Each person is the owner of what he/she posts/comments. It is not the responsibility of the admin to regulate or censor content.
11. Feel free to block anyone except me, Faustian
12. Lastly, as a community with minarchist tendencies, it is in every member's interest to try and ensure a smooth experience here for everyone else by not being an asshole.
PS: 13. Rules are subject to change any time and admins can do as they damn well please.

This group does not incline with or against any ideology. We are not pro or anti anything. If you're an atheist, you're welcome here. However, we are just people who spend time on the internet yapping with like minded people. If at any time we feel that you could be a threat to the group or the members in any way that could do harm, we would have to show you the door.

Sincere gratitude to Nilu and Pomo for creating the now defunct, original Atheist Mingle India and bringing the early members of this group together. Honorary hat tilts to Nori and Aftab.

~The Absent Admin