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I’m your host, Robert Stanek. I’ve been a pro writer since ’95 and an indie since ’01. In this group, you'll discover featured & free books for kindle and more.

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About Robert: In the really early days, I helped my fellow writers through resource sites like Writer’s Gallery and Internet Daily News (archives still live @ and respectively). In 2007, I started Go Indie with a goal of starting The Journal of Independent Authors, Publishers and Booksellers. Over time, the dream of a journal morphed into today’s Go Indie and Free Today FB groups and the Read Indies blog. I’ve written 65 or so pro books and 100 or so indie books. You can find my indie books at

About Wendy: Wendy Jones is an official assistant for Free Today. Wendy's a voracious reader who enjoys sharing her love of reading. She's been published in medical and academic textbooks, and in journals, and is hoping to start a novel.

About Brian: Brian Bigelow is an official assistant for Free Today. Brian is originally from Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado with his wife, a cat and a very protective Chihuahua that risks life and limb to save his "family" from running leaves, fire hydrants and the like.