Jobs in Pakistan

Note: All Nationalities Welcome:

This Group is to help people to find a
Job in Pakistan. Please feel free to post
the latest vacancies in Pakistan as well
as your availability as a job seeker.
Kindly note that the group posts
must be about careers & jobs only.
Posting the spams & irrelevant
advertisement are strictly prohibited.
Such posts will be removed with
immediate effect and the originator of
the post will be banned from the
group without prior notification.
Feel free to invite your friends to the
Group and make a huge number of
members to help employess &
employers to find each other in
Pakistan! Thank you.

*It's always good to help!

if you are aware of
any job opening. Even if you are not
looking for a job, inform other
interested people to find a job....
Leave Group if you are not interested
to get job updates
If you get job with help of Jobs in Pakistan Pls. help Others

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