Friends from all over the world

This is a clean open group for everyone world wide to make many new friends world wide so all the members pls keep to the rules otherwise if anyone breaks them the group admins will ban you from this group for good and you will not be able to re-join so pls your fav photos, cartoons, sayings and if you ever get anything you see what someone has put what you don't like anything what you see then please put report to admin and the groups rules are as follows okay members this group must also be 18+ otherwise the people cant join so for you all to make sure that you all enjoy the group.English spoken here only. No Porn Pics, No Racism, No Foul Words, No Politics, No Rude Remarks About Other Members,No SKYPE or WHATAPPS addresses allowed. No Advertisements allowed.Please do not tell sex jokes, or put money making opportunities in the group. Helen, Rachel, Syed, Andy, Helen, and Alex and the other group admins