friendship is that part of life without which nothing could have been possible neither laughing children nor teasing ,love talks,talks of boyfriend/ from friends make everything possible ;)

friENDs iF THeY ARe pResenT,THeY ARe useLESS IFtheY ARe ABSent,liFE becOMes USELesS....

THey ARE thE ONes whO STrengTHeN ouR LIfe anD GIVe couRAge to FAce PRoblEMs oF LIfe anD WIFe ;) ....wiTHOUt exPEctATIon

thEY GIve loVE WITHouT ASkiNG Back.....thEY arE THe onES who gIVE a rEASON to chEEr,thriLL,ANd griLL EACh parT OF liFE ThrouGH THe rouTS Of hARDneSS TO thE FINal deSTINtioN -SUCCESS

welcome to the real destination of friends love u all,,,,, friendship matters alot the more u write the more deep it is ;)

Get friends together :)))))