Indian Museum, Kolkata, Ministry of Culture, Government of India

The ninth oldest regular museum of the world, INDIAN MUSEUM, Kolkata, INDIA is the oldest institution of its kind in Asia Pacific region and repository of the largest museum objects in India.

A multipurpose and multi disciplinary institution of national importance, the Museum was established at the Asiatic Society, the earliest learned body in the country on 2nd February 1814. Transferred to the present building in 1878 with two galleries, the Museum has now over sixty galleries of Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology and Botany sections, spreading over ten thousand square feet area. Many rare specimens both Indian and Trans - Indian origin relating to Humanities and Natural Science are preserved and displayed in the galleries of these sections. The administrative control of the cultural sections, viz Art, Archaeology and Anthropology rests with the Board of Trustees under its Directorate, and that of the three scientific sections is with Geological Survey of India, Zoological Survey of India and Botanical Survey of India.

Founder Curator was Dr. Nathaniel Wallich - a botanist landing at Sreerumpore, (original name: Frederischnagor) near Calcutta, India, from Copenhagen, Denmark. From 1814 - 1878 it was at the Asiatic Society of 1,Park Street, Calcutta.