Connecting friends..................

Hello Friends, this group is dedicated to all the people who wants to connect to others and make friends.

Rules :
This is a friendly group so please do keep in mind that it isn't your dating group. if an account is know to be a fake id, it will be kicked out.

1.This group is meant to respect each other, if you fail to do that, you will be warned first and if you don't listen you will be sent out. people who wouldn't give respect to girls/women will be sent out of the group without a warning and will be banned.

2. While debating and healthy discussions are fine, the admin will not tolerate rudeness, profanity, insulting and defamatory posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory comments.

3. Spamming is strictly not allowed.

4. Kindly observe ethical behavior when posting. Any post that would dwindle and put the reputation of this group at risk will be deleted. The deletion will serve as a warning and violators will be banned the next time.

5. Discussions of political nature, political groups, and political activities that may impact or affect Public Safety, National Security and Insurgency are likewise not allowed.

The admin and all future admins reserve the right to remove a post and to ban anyone who willfully violates the group rules and reserves the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the group dictate so as to ensure smooth group conversation.

**Don't Say anything bad about the grp or the admins**
a). Talking about politics is strictly forbidden in the group.
b). if or any fight raises in a post, admins have the right to remove the post and the people who are involved in it.
c). if anyone reports a certain post is being offensive, we will review the comments and see if the post should be deleted or not.
d). group members who use abusive language in the group, will be removed with out a warning.
e). if u don't like the group, please leave immediately, instead of making posts about it or blaming the admins or the grp itself, will be PERMANENTLY banned without a warning.
f).if ur gona fight about ur fav hero is? please do it some where else, not in the group.

some ppl are asking mobile numbers using fake profiles, so i suggest u don't give out ur personal info to others, n if u hav been askin to give out ur personal info, please bring that matter towards any admins, so that we can take action against them.

Hope you can understand these simple rules. #thanqu :)