Front Range Landscape Photography

This group is for photographers on the Front Range who want to share and soak in others' Colorado landscape photography. Wildlife and macro subject photography already have great groups on FB. If there are flora, fauna, or celestial objects in the pictures here, it is fine as long as they are only elements of the whole (rather than the main subject). Non-Colorado-landscape images will be removed at moderator's discretion. This site can be used as an open forum for sharing images, links to photo portfolios or blogs, ideas, and personal contact info for group outings. Let's promote our love for this state through this Facebook page, so all can see how lucky we are! Thanks! NOTE: IF YOU WISH TO BE A MEMBER, I MAY NEED YOUR PERSONAL FB PAGE TO BE PUBLIC RATHER THAN PRIVATE, AS I FILTER OUT SPAMMERS AND THOSE WHO APPEAR TO HAVE NO AFFILITATION OR ACTUAL INTEREST WITH COLORADO.