Fort Riley Area Selling And Advertising!!!

Fort Riley Area Selling And Advertising was created for residents of Fort Riley and surrounding areas. The sole purpose of this page is selling and advertising. This page is not to be used for vents, rants, questions and/or debates.

This is a buy/sell/trade groups for Fort riley an surround areas.
It is not to be used for rants, vents, questions, or debates.

1) Please post multiple items on a thread or album so you won't clog the page.

2) The sale of any type of fire arms is strictly prohibited

3) No cursing or bashing will be tolerated

3) The blocking of any admin will get you banned immediately

4) Things received from the USO/MWR cannot be sold!!! Take in mind that these things are given for free to military families. WIC items CANNOT be sold either. This will get you permanently!!!!!!

5) Buyers beware!! Their is only so much we can do! We urge you to please inspect and/or test out items before purchasing.

6) The Rehoming of animals for personal gain is NOT allowed!! Animals under 8 weeks old cannot be rehomed. We understand circumstances happen but if we notice a pattern you will be deleted from the group permanently.

7) Bumping of an item is only allowed twice every 24 hours.

8) Personal Businesses and any type of advertising are ONLY ALLOWED ON MONDAYS!! They may be bumped during the week as long as you follow the bump rule (rule #7) Fundraisers are ok to post any day of the week as they are only for a limited amount of time.

9) The selling of body armor and plate issued by the military is NOT permitted. If its posted it will be deleted and you will be banned

10) When posting an item go in the order of people commenting. Give them a chance to respond. Not everyone is online 24/7. Don't steal someone post! Make your own!!!!

Although we have set rules we reserve the right to ban anyone as we see fit. Use common sense when posting items for sale.

Please be aware that Brabara Nieves IS NO LONGER an admin on this group.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message or tag an admin.

Admins are:
Jessica Sprecher
Cynthia Reid
Amanda Monk
Jenna Melo
Michelle Molloy
Sara Nelson
Nicole Willis
Ashley Wilson Ward