«««Friends with Benefits ☺«««

Revised Rules as of Thursday, 03 July 2014, 11:39 PM

Group Rules of Engagement

Joining the Group "«««Friends with Benefits ☺«««" means that its your own free will and on your own decision to join. However joining means that you accept the Group Rules. The rules are not meant to be exhaustive and we reserve the right to edit posts and/or, take other action in accordance with the purpose and principles of the Group.

By joining the group, you are agreeing to be held responsible for the information you post on the walls and you are confirming that you accept and understand the following Rules of Engagement:

• All posts (i.e. comments) reflect the views of the author of that post. Management will not be held responsible for the content of any member messages or information posted.
• Please show consideration and respect for other users and for their opinions.
• Be sensitive to how your messages may be viewed and perceived by others.
• Try to use clear English with standard punctuation, capitalization and paragraphs in your posts.
• Do not post in ALL CAPS or in large fonts.
• Before offering advice, make sure your information is accurate. Remember, another user’s suggestion is not a substitute for a professional’s opinion. Also, what works for you may not work for everyone.
• «««Friends with Benefits ☺««« staff are specially trained to ensure the therapeutic nature of the Group. They are not permitted to self-disclose as the main focus must be on Group users.
• In accordance with policy and procedure,«««Friends with Benefits ☺««« staff will delete or edit posts (this is known as “moderation”) that are deemed to be against the purpose of Group Rules.
• Please DO NOT upload images, video clips/films, or links to these, or post comments or messages which:
are obscene, insulting or considered malicious to others;
are disrespectful of other people's views;
do not reflect the purpose or theme of the specific Forum or Chatroom;
lobby against gambling industry services or promote political lobbying against the gambling industry or any other agencies
disclose the identity or contact details of any other person without their explicit and prior consent;
seek to engage with other service users for the purpose of recruitment for research, marketing, media coverage, usership organizations or political activism.
post articles or excerpts from articles, comments, images or links that advertise any products, websites, third parties, agencies or services without prior permission from«««Friends with Benefits ☺««« Management
Any user who posts anything that may cause problems for «««Friends with Benefits ☺««« or other users will face an immediate and permanent ban from the Group.