BamaCarry of Northeast Alabama

Just want to say welcome to the BamaCarry of Northeast Alabama page. You’ll find some great, freedom minded/loving folks here. It’s important to let your friends know about our Gun Rights. After all, that is why we are gathered in this group!

We exist to educate the public and promote responsible carrying of handguns in Alabama. We want to work with our lawmakers to make Alabama the safest state in the nation to live or visit, and we believe we can do this by eliminating Gun Free Zones and educating the public and business owners. We also partner with Instructors, to provide some of the best Defensive Handgun training in the Southeast.

We try our best to be the good examples of handgun carriers.
You’ll learn a lot here and it won’t take long before you’ll know for sure what the gun laws are in Alabama. Many times I was told what the law was, but after reading for myself I found out differently.

We will tell you how and where to look for all the laws so you can read them for yourself. Just post a question on the page, and someone will politely answer you. There are no dumb questions and you will not get treated as if there were. You can also look around and print/download any of the documents on our "files" section of the group. Ask for help if you can't find them.

We hold meetings monthly in different parts of the area, consisting of:

1. The Pledge Of Allegiance and Opening with prayer starts every meeting!

2. A review of current events and laws, including upcoming legislation regarding our gun freedoms and rights.

3. A certified firearms instructor to go over gun carry, safety, responsibility, and self defensive tactics.

4. Special Guest Speakers from time to time.

5. Question and Answer session for any questions you have regarding carrying laws and safety.

We also urge newcomers to consider becoming a "vested" member! Aside from the perks of getting discounts at participating stores, and gaining access to the Civilian Marksmanship Program where you get deals on military surplus and relic items, you will also get a membership card, and be financially supporting our Statewide group!

We would also like to add you to our email list so we can communicate away from Facebook. Here is the link so you can submit your information and be kept up-to-date with the goings-on of the NE AL area.

PS If your posts contain profanilty, talk promoting violence, confrontation with LEO’s, or anything illegal, you will be removed from the group. We follow the law, support our Law Enforcement Officers, and work with them, not against them.

PSS Please, no items for sale should be posted.

Please join the main BamaCarry page

Here is a link to our online most frequently accessed files in one place.