Dear friends,

I have created this Facebook Group, called Gaga Animal Care.
I chose the name, because over the years, Villa GaGa has been known as a refuge for stray dogs and abandoned puppies, a central spot for first aid, medical care and advice.
And this has not changed...
With the help of friends and volunteers, we do our best to take care of the animals that need help, we feed the stray cats in the streets, and organize neutering programs.

I do however hope that you realize that Villa GaGa is not a dog shelter, I have only limited space and am located next to a hotel, so I am depending on the kind help of friends, who from time to time offer to foster dogs when I am stuck...

I would like this group to be a working platform, constructive and informative, where we join forces to make a difference wherever we can.

NB GaGa Animal Care is not an organisation, but a private initiative.

With Love from GaGaLand, Gerbien