Gainesville EDM Community

Tl;dr The Event Document pinned to the top of the page has info on Florida events. Anyone can add their events. PLUR!

This group intends to promote Electronic Dance Music in Gainseville by sharing relevant events, songs, news links etc.

If you are looking to buy/sell tickets please add your name and contact below the corresponding event in the event document at the top. We will ban you if you consistently post saying you are selling tickets on this page.

Learn about upcoming events from our beautiful event document (pinned to the top of the page). Gainseville special events are on top, followed by Gainesville weekly events, followed by events in other areas, followed by weekly events in other areas. Anyone can edit this document, but please stick to our format and alphabetical order for shows on the same day. Out of town promoters, if your posts are considered irrelevant they will be deleted. No hard feelings, just trying to keep the group streamlined for Gville ravers.

Feel free to post your songs and mixes if you are FROM or IN Gainesville. Artists from other areas may have their material taken down if it's irrelevant to our group.

In general think PLUR before you post. If it's a negative statement, just don't stay it. Slander against any track, DJ, show, promo group etc is the quickest way to get banned. Spam is the second quickest way. Admins will use their discretion to decide what is and what isn't spam.

So share some great links, check out and update the event document, feel free to discuss everything, and please invite all your friend to our community!