Galax-cat Himalayan & Exotic cattery

Hello and welcome to Galax-cat Himalayan Group!
My name is Ella ...Sinai and I'm breeder of Himalayan, CPC Persian and Exotic Point cats.
My cattery's name is registered in the CFA. We are bewitched by Lovely Himalayans, Persians and Exotic color point!
Grace, intelligence and fascination - all these epithets are oriented to these splendid Cats!
Galax-cat's producers have various beautiful bloodlines behind them: Purrpals, Karabel, Grovewood, Sandypaws, Sulltan, Playwickey, Hadakat, Laureden, Compri, Catley Crue, Catsafras, Whisperwood, Brigantina and other well-known catteries.
In my breeding program I use only PKD - negative cats!
I breed my beloved cats to be strong in health, incredibly gentle in character with exteriors which correspond to the breed's standard and with sweet open expression and very beautiful faces.
My breeding program is to improve the type of Himalayan's cats and to create this type, with the best results, very dark blue eyes and strong bodies, short tails, long coat and tiny ears.
All our cats and kittens are never caged and raised under-roof with much love and care.