GameChurch City

Welcome to Gamechurch City - the place to discuss video games, God, and life. We’re glad to have you in our family here!

We don’t have a lot of rules here - we just ask that you treat others with respect and dignity and refrain from posting offensive content. If you are being belligerent or a spam bot we will take appropriate action including warnings and/or removal from the group. Also, if a conversation gets out of hand we may intervene and may remove the content.

Be sure to take a look at the “files” section of the group and check out the articles and features on!

Some staff and Important Persons you might see floating around:

Mikee Bridges (aka The Commander) and Brian Buffon are the guys in charge of everything Gamechurch.

Chris Gwaltney is the Gamechurch Missions Coordinator. If you’re interested in learning more about going on a missions trip with us, he’s the guy to talk to!

Dave Knepper is the Gamechurch logistics coordinator. He is… logistical?

April-Lyn Caouette is our city Mayor, responsible for making sure this remains a welcoming and friendly community. You can send any questions/inquiries/concerns her way if you aren’t sure who else to ask!

Zack Hughes is our Ambassador and all-around friendly guy. He also hosts an unofficial Minecraft server for the community.

Shayde Bridges is the Giveaway Fairy! She gives out sweet swag and occasionally sings for us while she does it.

Drew Dixon and Richard Clark are the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor of

Jonathan Clauson is our Celebrity New Anchor for

Jake Mexin, James Green, and Jake Brooks are the hosts of our community podcast, The Arcade.