Game Developers

Hey guys, My name is Popescu Calin – Alexandru and I’m working on a project for about 3 years. It’s a game project like an online browser hero based game. I started from … like 0 knowledge only with an idea “what if I can make a button in the center of the screen ?“ so I started to learn.
The game is written in php and it's running with an MySQL server. The reason I’m here is because I want to finish it, I can’t ,I’m tired. I want to work with a team to finally give him life. I need some artwork artists. I don’t care if you are white, black, yellow, alien, cyclop, I have only some rules: • some knowledge about english language or another language( romanian ) ( to communicate )
• Skype id ( to communicate )
• Facebook id ( to communicate )
• Some experience in gaming (I mean to have any idea how a game online looks like ) The project it’s called “Magic, Knights and Creatures”, before it was called “Negotior” because in that state of the game, the user had many possibilities to trade in all kinds of situations. Simple sample of the story: “The year is 454.875, after colonization of dozens of planets humanity goes again into conflict again, surprising. After destroying all the planets together, less than one people still have not subsided. The remaining two factions on the planet began to war between them: nuclear war, etc. It started a so-called "era of cave" where he was forbidden technology research (thus eliminate star wars technology, light sabers etc…).
The humanity started to rediscover magic and ancient arts, enchanting etc.” I want a partnership, I don’t have money. I want something like 65 – 35 %
I don’t know if the project will be a success, I can’t guarantee you that. (Why not? > Because I designed to be the most complex browser game). Sample of people 10 – 99 years. Contact me on private and if you are interested, I can give you a document to see details of the project or here for some simple questions