Gamers We Are One! International & Worldwide -Largest Facebook Gamer Group!

Welcome to Gamers We Are One (GWAO) an online facebook group for every sort of gamer their is. Whether you play consoles, pcs, handhelds, or board games we welcome you to this group.

This group is for all ages, so please try to avoid positing semi-nude or suggestive material, and keep the foul language (profanity) to a minimum.

The soul purpose and goal for this group is to be the biggest and "Largest Facebook Gamer Group" by any means necessary. We appreciate your support.

Here at GWAO we want to make sure you're comfortable and lively, so we ask that each person fill out a "Optional" simple survey when adding you to the group.

1. What's your favorite game? or series?

2. What's your preferred console?

3. How did you hear about us?

4. Like the fan page if you wish please.
(This not a requirement but it makes us happy if you tell us more about yourselves and also like our fan page.)

5. Visit our website:

We only have a couple rules.

1. No spamming, false advertisements, or irrelevant posts.

2. Be respectful of others opinions and thoughts.

3. Enjoy yourselves and have fun in here.

4. Add as many members as you can who enjoy gaming as much as all of us.

5. No one will get deleted from this group unless they stir up trouble.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns don't hesitate to contact one of our online admins.