Gamer Tagged

Group page dedicated to gaming fans of any stripe where we can s...hare our enjoyment of the industry, discuss ideas and share memories.

We know there's about 20million others like this on facebook but we hope you'll come visit this wee corner and chat about the same things we love, or hate, or play, or do otherwise... we won't bite, we won't be disparaging (unless you're being REALLY daft), nor do we intend this to be a place for fanboys, flamewars or trolling to break out (mild trolling IS acceptable to a point if it's in good fun though)

The important stuff

The content you post will not contain any obscene, profane or threatening language. We encourage you to engage in meaningful dialogue but ask when discussing or challenging each other’s views or opinions that you do so respectfully. In doing so, You understand and agree that Gamer Tagged may ban any user from posting on this page for a pattern of inappropriate postings or as otherwise deemed necessary by The Admins. We also reserve the right to remove any post(s) that are objectionable from the page without any prior notice.

As an adendem to our membership rules, I ask that all members be sympathetic when posting comments regarding significant plot elements of any given game. Especially when a title has not been on the market very long and we are all still playing through them.

We appreciate that you may be super excited to discuss all those OMG moments, but please use some common sense and a bit of patience that not everyone will have uncovered these yet.

Happy Gaming