Gaming Generations

I've set this group up for gamers! Anything game related you do, see, hear or are pissed off about let's get it posted here and keep the group active.

Admins are myself Baz The Unfinisher! (Barry Bellamy), Moggers (Glen Bellamy), Mr Greaves (Martin Greaves), Gadge (Garreth Fordon), Cheesy (Ian Hamilton), Maverick (Karl Marsden), JoFo (Jonas Fogelquist), TiK (Peter Smith), Cheevo Hunter (Darren Himsworth) and Adrenalin (Paul Barry).

If someone wants to promote another group, page or clan that they are a member of, they must get permission from an admin first and be active in the group otherwise it will be deleted without warning!

You can also leave your gamertags if you wish and I will add them to the list found in the 'files' section. Feel free to add as many people as you like from there.

If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the group, let one of the admins know.

And please keep the fanboyism to a minimum!

Also here at GG we're open to all comments and opinions but realise that some posts may offend people without any intention from the person posting the comment/meme. Soooooo if u feel that any post or comment goes beyond the realm of reasonable banter then please feel free (in the strictest confidence) to report the post to admin who will take a look at the item and act accordingly.